Super Peel Treatment
“ Super Peel ” The treatment that can give relief from Acne for sure.

Acne/Pimples is one of the commonest skin disorder affecting the adolescents, as well as a small percentage of adults as well more so women in their 40’s. That’s what we notice commonly.

How does Acne come about ?

During puberty, the male sex hormones known as androgens, increase in both boys and girls, causing the sebaceous Glands to become more active resulting in an increased production of sebum/oil. Normally the oil or Sebum produced by the Sebaceous Glands moves to the skin surface via the hair follicles and protects and moistens your skin. At times the dead skin cells, dried oil and bacteria cover the hair follicles and block the expression of oil secreted by your Sebaceous Glands. Bacteria can grow in these blocked follicles causing inflammation, in due course the blocked follicles burst, spilling oil and bacteria, which leads to irritation and pimples. Among different variants of acne , it is Acne vulgaris that is common. Acne is seen mostly on the face , back and chest.

Acne occurs due to a combination of several factors, influenced mainly by heredity, age , using certain medications, applying cosmetics that are not skin friendly / comedogenic ,gender and Hormonal Imbalances such as Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). It is seen more in younger age group and more in women. Lifestyle factors, such as diet or skin hygiene and hair care ,do play significant role. Acne is frequently seen before the menstrual cycle. Stress may worsen the acne.

Complications :

The complications of Acne are Physical and Psychological. Acne if not treated early can lead to infection, pitting,scarring and hyper pigmentation which lasts for life time. These unsightly changes in appearance can lead to tampering their beautiful looks, psychological complications such as Inferiority Complex, depression and even suicidal tendencies.

Treatment for Acne :

The treatment plan for Acne depends on whether the acne is mild , moderate or severe. There are many over-the-counter medications and beauty treatments available for the treatment of Acne. It is recommended that you seek the specialist doctor’s advice regarding treatment options if you want to avoid the above mentioned complications.

Mild acne is treated using gels or creams (topical treatments) such as: Benzoyl peroxide,topical retinoids, topical antibiotics etc.

Moderate acne is usually treated using a combination of the medications that are mentioned above. In some cases, oral antibiotics may also be used. If you have severe acne,and as a matter of fact if you do not want any of the above complications you need to be treated by a Medical Specialist.

The latest in the treatment of acne is “ Super Peel ” . “ Super Peel ” is a combination Chemical peel that contains Natural Fruit Acids in Different Strengths that penetrate the skin at different levels and treats the acne lesions by opening up the clogged pores resulting in expressing out the sebum and the sludge in the first step and destroys the P.Acne bacterium and stimulates the collagen tissue resulting in complete and effective way of getting rid of the pimples and making the skin smoother and blemish free. The treatment consists of 7 to 8 sessions of treatment with an interval of 2 to 3 weeks. Few may need to come for maintenance once in 2 to 3 months for some more time. This improvement can be maintained effectively by proper skin care, diet and exercise. This way “ Super Peel ” opens up new vistas in Acne management, and improving the post acne skin texture. Apart from reducing the pimples ” Super Peel ” improves the skin texture also. That way ” Super Peel ” is a much advanced type Chemical Peel. This kind of Combination Chemical Peel is unique to Clinic 2000.

                                        The Charges for Acne Treatment done by Super Peel at Clinic 2000 are very reasonable and they start from Rs 1900-00 Per Session on wards for Focal areas ( Such as Cheeks only or Fore Head only). For Full face the charges depend upon the extent of the area to be treated and depend upon the severity of the problem also. Taxes Extra.