C 2 K Peel – The ” One Stop Solution ” for All Your Skin Problems

“Age is inevitable – Ageing is not” – the philosophy of to days anti ageing medicine.

At some point, all of us will look in the mirror and see a difference in our reflection , notice the skin changing it’s suppleness, shine and glow. You find fine lines are appearing over your forehead making you realize that you are ageing and the Facial Skin laxity Setting in, making us look older and withered.

It is every man & woman’s dream to look younger for long & would like their skin to be radiant , glowing smooth and firm for ages.

Your skin starts ageing from your 20’s and it requires maintainance, ( just like any of your valuables), to keep it looking supple and the face glowing. In order to keep your skin glowing and keep the facial skin tight and delay the ageing process a good skin care regime has to be put in to practice. A healthy life style comprising of good eating habits, consumption of plenty of water coupled with intake of plenty of vegetables & fruits will help in maintaining your skin. Of course exercise is very essential in maintaining your skin as well as the physique & body weight.

Avoiding the Sun as much as possible is of paramount importance , and when prolonged sun exposure is inevitable applying an oil free sun block cream of above SPF 30 is essential. Remember the sun block cream works for few hours only and if you are likely to be in the Sun for more than four hours it is advisable to apply the sun block cream once again. Always apply the sun block cream half an hour before you go out.

For people who have already lost their complexion or having uneven skin tone due to prolonged sun exposure , smoking , stress and strain & whose skin looks aged ,the long awaited solution has arrived in the form of C2K Peel.

         Hyper Pigmentation on Cheeks of Women otherwise known as  Melasma is seen women of menopausal age. This hyper pigmentation starts usually  as a speck on the cheeks and spreads gradually on to nose and if left untreated it will extend to the sides of fore head giving rise to a butter fly kind of hyper pigmentation/melasma.

             C2K Peel which is an advanced type of combination chemical peel is one such type of chemical peel that reduces the pigmentation / melasma and restore the complexion, rather improves the complexion. The skin becomes smoother, glowing and looks younger.

C2K peel restores your skin glow and get rid of the fine lines in the process makes your skin look taut & firmer . Your skin becomes fairer, glowing and looks radiant. You will look younger & more beautiful after the C2K peel, For Sure.These  changes are seen in a short span of 3 to 4 weeks time.

The technology of beauty continues to advance, offering non-surgical solutions for some of the most hard to solve cosmetic dermatologic problems. For many years, people suffering from the butter fly shaped pigmentation that is seen on the cheeks and nose ( melasma), or a build up of melanin that creates blotchy, discoloured skin, had no safe and effective options to even out their skin tone. C2K Peel, an innovative, staged treatment is now available Exclusively at Clinic 2000, that offers a formidable relief. In the Younger People who are suffering from Pimples and Pimple Marks , C2K Peel works wonders by reducing the pimples and marks and restores the skin glow and vibrancy.

How it Works?

C2K Peel is an effective way to reduce the amount of melanin in the skin, and is compatible with all skin types. It’s safe to use on most types of skin discolorations, such as brown spots, blotchy skin, or acne blemishes. Many patients report a more vibrant skin complexion once the treatment has removed the dull outer skin layers. The active ingredients in C2K Peel inhibit the formation of tyrosinase, a basic enzyme in the melanin formation process. Without tyrosinase, the melanin molecules that discolour your skin are broken up before they can even form. Patients may see up to 80 to 90% reduction in Pigmentation spots and blemishes.

The treatment process uses three types of creams during two separate treatment phases to gradually reduce the appearance of dark spots and discolorations.

Phase One: Application of C 2 K Peel at our Medical Center

C2K Peel combines many active ingredients ( Natural Fruit Acids and ascorbic acid, arbutine, and titanium dioxide) to gently peel away your top layers of skin, revealing skin that is more evenly pigmented. After application in the Clinic patient will leave the cream on her / his face for between eight to Ten hours, depending on the skin type.

Phase Two: Daily application of C 2 K Peel 2 Cream and High Quality Moisturizer

C2K Peel maintenance cream steadily improves your skin tone and maintain the lightened results you’ve already achieved.

Following the in-office treatment, your skin may appear red for few days, some thing like a moderate sunburn, and then will begin to peel. During this process, some patients report dryness, itching or a mild burning sensation, but discomfort usually is controlled by using a good Moisturizing cream.

After the redness and peeling have stopped, the treated skin will appear more luminous, vibrant and young. Dark spots will begin to fade. These changes can be maintained for years to come with maintainance creams & proper skin care and cutting down the Sun exposure.

C2K Peel gives excellent improvement in :