Painless Laser Hair Removal

In today’s world lasers and micro waves have invaded our lives right from home to office and to hospital . Different Lasers have different applications in the field of medicine. If some lasers are used as a “Light Scalpel“ to cut the skin during surgery to minimize the bleeding during surgery, the other lasers are used to treat the human being’s most sensitive part “The Eye “for visual defects. Now the lasers have invaded the field of cosmetic medicine too. These lasers are specific purpose lasers.

Some are used in invasive cosmetic procedures such as treating the wrinkles on the face while other lasers are used in non – invasive procedures such as “Permanent laser hair removal“. Of all the lasers that are used for hair removal in the world it is only “diode lasers“ that are known to be of qualitative and consistent in performance and giving out the right kind of results. “ E plus  Laser which is a Diode Laser with Radio Frequency “ is known to the best of all the diode lasers for treating the conditions like “ Unwanted Hair Treatment ”, and surgical applications such as treating the Hyper pigmentation patches and leg vein taelangectasia.