Overweight is one of the fastest growing threats to human health around the globe. USA apart from being the most advanced country in the world, it is one of the “heaviest” country in the world too. 58 % of the Americans are over weight and every year 3,00,000 people in USA are dying because of Over weight and it’s related complications. That means every two minutes one person is dying in USA because of over weight and it’s related complications . This is next only to the deaths due to Smoking in USA. Every year American Government is spending approximately US $ 265 billion ( U . S Dollars ) to treat the over weight and their associated health disorders. India with it’s globalization, fast catching up with the other countries in all the fields and very soon we could also be a nation of “ Heavy Weights ”, first to start with the urban areas and a decade down the line even the rural areas also will be affected by “ Over weight ”.

Obesity is increasingly recognized as harmful to the length and quality of life and indeed it is often the underlying cause of life-threatening diseases in their own right ; such as diabetes, coronary artery disease, hypertension and stroke ( paralysis ) above all knee joint pains, ankle pain and back pain. Over weight is known to be the reason behind snoring while sleeping in many a number of cases and a mere 10 % of weight reduction is known to reverse these complications and save the life or improve the quality of life.But the golden rule remains same i.e “ It is always desirable for every individual to be within his or her acceptable weight limits”.

Clinic–2000 in the Twenty Seventh year of operation treated thousands of the Over weight men, women and children successfully with the FDA and CE approved International Protocols. Incidentally Clinic – 2000 is the First medical center for Over weight in South India. It is headed by a “Bariatric Physician”( a specialist in Over weight management is known as Bariatric Physician ), who is assisted by a plastic surgeon , endocrinologist , group of nutritionists and a behavior therapist. This way Clinic –2000 is making a comprehensive approach towards treating the Obese success fully.

How do we treat Obesity in Clinic 2000?

As over weight is a medical problem concerning your body it is better dealt by the doctors ( Bariatric Physicians ) and through the Medical treatments and not by Non – medical or Beauty parlour treatments. The manner in which this program is different from so many that are available or advertised.

Firstly this is the First Bariatric Medical Center in the South, where the treatment is undertaken under the supervision of Bariatric Physicians.

Secondly, it is purely weight loss through fat loss. In order to know whether You are losing fat or not, we conduct the Computerized Body Composition before we take you up the treatment and assess your body’s fat level, Lean body mass ( muscle and soft tissue ) and water level and repeat the test after completion of the course of treatment and if necessary even during the course of treatment and confirm the weight loss with fat loss. It almost tallies hundred percent.

Since it purely weight loss through fat loss , We have not observed any short term or long term side effects.

That’s the reason why we take up people with High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Hypo Thyroidism, Infertility issues, Heart attack Cases and Even By Pass Surgery Case for Weight Reduction Treatment. Clinic 2000 is the only Medical Center equipped to deal with these complicated cases.

Thirdly you lose fat all over the body and wherever the fat is more, the reduction will be more, resulting in automatic figure improvement, hence no need for any Tummy tucks or figure improvement treatments. Thus it saves you lots of time and unnecessary expenditure.

Fourthly this treatment has the property of stimulating the underlying collagen tissue resulting in automatic skin tightening ( unlike the beauty clinics / non medical treatment, where you have to go in for Figure Improvement treatments/ tummy tucks and skin tightening treatments separately along with weight reduction treatments ).

This is a comprehensive medical treatment for weight loss  ( at Clinic 2000 ) where in your calorie intake (food intake) is regulated on one hand and your body’s metabolic rate is enhanced on the other hand with this treatment in a passive manner, resulting in  an energy gap that will be bridged by converting the existing fats back in to glucose i.e. calories which are spent off in your day to day activities at a higher rate. That is how an individual gradually reduces fat and gradually reduces the weight.

                   Clinic 2000 has been Rated No.1 in Bariatric Medicine ( Over Weight Treatment ) for 5 Years in a Row in a Survey Conducted by Times of India for The Years 2015, 2016, 2017,  2018 and 2019 as You Can See on the Home Page.

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