Most weight loss programs are gimmicks that is why you have to be careful in selecting which program is good for you. As over weight or Obesity is a medical problem concerning your body it is better dealt by the doctors ( Bariatric Physicians ) and through the Medical treatments and not by Non – medical or Beauty parlour treatments. The manner in which this program is different from so many that are available or advertised.

A) Firstly this is a Bariatric Medical Center one of it’s kind in the South, where the treatment is undertaken under the supervision of Bariatric Physicians.

B) Secondly, it is purely weight loss through fat loss as you can see the explanation in 10’s answer.

C)Thirdly you lose fat all over the body and wherever the fat is more, the reduction will be more, resulting in automatic figure improvement.

D)Fourthly this treatment has the property of stimulating the underlying collagen tissue resulting in automatic skin tightening at no Extra Cost or Wastage of Time ( unlike the beauty clinics / non medical treatment, where you have to go in for Figure Improvement treatments/ tummy tucks and skin tightening treatments separately along with weight reduction treatments ). Thus it is a comprehensive medical treatment for weight loss at Clinic 2000 where in your calorie intake (food intake) is regulated on one hand and your body’s metabolic rate is enhanced on the other hand with this treatment in a passive manner, and this results in creating an energy gap that will be bridged by converting the existing fats back in to glucose i.e. calories which are spent off in your day to day activities at a higher rate. That is how an individual gradually reduces fat and gradually reduces the weight.

Not any significant ones. Except for that in 1% of the people undergoing treatment there could be a drop in blood pressure to the tune of 2 to 3 mm’s of Hg Mercury because of which there may be a momentary giddiness, which will be rectified in a fraction of minute. Except for this there are no other known long term or short term side effects. At least we have not observed any in the last 15 yrs of our practice.

In fact you will feel energetic, because you are loosing your load of weight, and what your body requires is energy. On this treatment part of the energy is met from your diet and rest of the energy whatever that is required is met from your fat stores. Hence you will not be feeling weak or giddy nor any kind of in convenience. On the other hand you feel lighter and more energetic. Above all you will be eating your three meals in a planned manner in a qualitative and quantitative manner with all the necessary nutrients, micro nutrients included. Hence you feel abundance of energy flowing in you, which makes you move faster and easier.

You can travel by road, train or by Air. Most of the out station patients travel back immediately after the treatment is over. Hence no problem in your travel.

In fact it will improve as this treatment has the property of stimulating the collagen tissue underlying the skin. Hence as you lose weight the skin gets firmed up gradually & automatically . Hence no need for any skin tightening treatments and no need to waste your time or money . Apart from this as the nutrient content of diet is high Your skin will improve and you will get a lot better, you will be more radiant while on this program. That could be one reason why this treatment is so popular among film stars, TV anchors and models (for whom even slightest unhealthy change in the skin texture matters a lot as it can happen with any non – medical treatments). As the  person loses weight gradually  under medical supervision , the skin contracts gradually, it may not give rise wrinkles.

*** Disclaimer : Results may vary from person to person depending upon their Metabolic Rate, Age and Adherence to Doctor’s advice.

During this treatment wherever the fat accumulation is more the reduction also will be more . Hence in case of men there will be more reduction in the abdominal area and in case of women the reduction will be more from the hips and thighs. That way you not only reduce your weight but also improves your figure automatically. Hence no need to go for any figure improvement or body toning or body firming or body tightening treatments. This saves you, Your Precious money and time.

In this course of treatment you need to come for treatment once a week or once in five days , and every time the treatment is approximately for a period of one hour. In these twelve sessions of treatment you will be able to lose substantial amount of your weight. If some body is over weight by 40 or 50 kilos they can repeat the treatment and lose further weight . There have been lot of people who have undergone 3 to 4 courses of treatment and lost lots of their weight.

The pills for losing weight were marketed in India by a Pharmaceutical Company , which was acting on the principle of suppressing a person’s appetite or by increasing the satiety ( the sense of satisfying the hunger ) of the individual by stimulating the satiety centre in the brain. But as it was found to have certain undesirable effects it has been taken off from the market , and as of now there are no genuine drugs available in Indian Market to treat Over weight. There are few drugs available in International market , but they are yet to be manufactured in India. Food supplements are not new to the market. They have been there from years together . The “herbal based” food supplement that is becoming popular of late in India is being popularized more because of the multi level marketing technique ( like so many money circulation schemes that have been hitting the Indian market and failing people ) than the effect of the so called ” powders”. It is always healthier and desirable to lose weight while eating your three meals in a qualitative and quantitative manner than resorting to usage of ” food supplements ” or ” Herbal powders ” . You cannot sustain on these food supplements for the rest of your life and it is expensive. You should not take any food supplements on this treatment. The only thing you may be asked to take is a multivitamin tablet which you can buy from near by drug store. On this treatment you will be required to eat your three meals in a qualitative and quantitative manner, you will be advised to avoid high calorie foods such as sweets and fried foods.

Exercise is very much required for a human body as much as food and water. As they say ” respiration without perspiration is the shortest way to eternity ” where as ” perspiration along with respiration is the key of the Healthy ” . Exercise is always used for increasing your metabolism, increasing your skin texture, improving your muscle tone, increasing vitamin up take for avoiding depression. These are the reasons why one should exercise. Weight loss can be seldom achieved by vigorous exercise. We find lot of people whom you see going for a morning walk regularly and religiously every day. Surprisingly they are seen the same to day or after six months or even after a year also. That shows that being careful about one’s intake and going for walks regularly helps in 90 to 95 % of people to help in stabilizing on the same weight and same shape. On this treatment your exercise will have a salutary effect on your weight reduction by increasing the conversion of the fat back in to Glucose and helps you to improve your appearance and improves your figure too.

The question is what kind of programs you have joined and what have you lost? Your over weight being a medical problem that concerns your body it is very much advisable that it requires medical treatment under the guidance of a ” Bariatric Physician ” ( A doctor who specializes in Over weight and Under weight treatment is called as a Bariatric physician just like a doctor who specializes in heart problem is known as a Cardiologist.) If a person is gaining weight to day that indicates that he is gaining fat and what he should lose fat only and not the precious lean body mass or the Water .What a person loses on strict dieting or starvation such as living on lime water or butter milk for days together is more of Carbohydrates and water and less of fat. In the process the Individuals metabolic rate drops down and at certain point of time the weight reduction stops. Out of frustration when he/she starts consuming normal or near normal food it turns out to be more than the body’s requirement because of the reduced metabolic rate . This results in gaining back all the weight that has been lost or may be little more in the form of Bonus weight .
The same phenomenon is observed in the Non – Medical treatments and the Beauty Parlour treatments that are advertised where in if at all any weight is lost it is the precious lean body mass such as muscles and this can prove to dangerous in the long run such as osteoporosis ( Thinning of the bones ) or damage to the Myocardium ( Heart Muscle ). In Clinic – 2000’s treatment what an individual loses is fat only. To know whether you are losing fat or not we conduct the Computerized body composition analysis of your body before, during and after the course of treatment, which tallies almost 100% with the amount of weight lost. As it is only the fat that is lost , there is no possibility of any side effects , that’s the reason why we treat complicated cases such as diabetics , high blood pressure , Myocardial Infarction ( Heart attack ) and even By pass surgery cases also.
And since it is the fat that is lost , it can be maintain easily too with little amount of carefulness. Clinic – 2000 is unique in this way in helping you lose weight through fat loss only. We care you and your health.

Truly speaking , our job at clinic – 2000 should end at making you lose weight . Instead we would like walk an extra mile along with you and make sure that you maintain the weight that you have lost. To achieve this you are made aware about the nutritive values of the food stuffs while undergoing the treatment which acts as a guide through your sub conscious mind and controls your eating habits in future also. Along with this the weekly inter action you will be having with our Bariatric Physicians and the group of nutritionist will further reinforce your knowledge which paves way for long term maintenance of weight . To top this all you will be required / advised to come for the follow up after one week after completion of the treatment and next after one month and subsequently once in two months for about 5 to 6 times which means an individual will be followed up by us for more than a year Free of Cost . This way the person learns the art of maintaining the weight and results in long term weight maintenance. As a result of this we see lot of our patients ( whom we have treated years ago ) to be maintaining their weight even when they come for follow up after years of gap.

Normally when people go on a diet on their own they start counting calories and hence the food quantity is reduced automatically. Calories are reduced. So less nutrition goes in – vitamins and minerals in your system. Naturally you feel week and you will be unable to do work. Where as on this program your diet is planned in a systematic manner taking In to consideration all the factors like your height , weight , age , body frame , the kind of activity you are involved into and through the Computerized body composition analysis test your body’s fat, lean body mass ( such as your muscles, bone and other soft tissue ) and water levels are assessed and your body’s caloric requirements are calculated keeping all the above factors in mind. Since all the factors are taken in to consideration and the diet is planned , the possibility of you feeling any kind of weakness or giddiness does not arise . On the other hand you will feel lighter and more energetic.

Well it will benefit you. You are the right kind of people who actually need weight loss program. Regular , healthy , obese people do it for cosmetic reasons. You will actually be doing for health reasons. Your tri-glyceride levels would go down, your lipid profile will improve. You could probably check these after a month of being on the program, you can take your reports to day. You could find a lot of difference. In case your triglycerides and cholesterol are fine you will benefit since weight loss is beneficial for a healthy heart. There are lot of people who underwent Coronary By pass surgery who have been treated at our Medical Center.

Yes you can . But one thing a diabetic has to keep in mind is that because of the increased insulin resistance in his body , his / her weight reduction is seen to be less by about 15 to 20 % when compared to the non diabetic individuals. It is sure that even your doctor who is treating you for diabetes must have advised you to lose weight and as you lose your weight your diabetes also comes under control. There have been instances where after the weight reduction, just by controlling the diet and exercising people could remain free from diabetes.

Then you are a perfect candidate for weight loss program. Your cholesterol level will go down once you lose weight through this way whether you like it or not. Back 16.I HAVE HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE? 16.Ans. Your B.P. could go down & you can do the program. If you are on any BP medicine , then after loosing 8 to 10 kg. You will have to keep in touch with your family physician. In all likely hood the program will make you reduce your dosage, as on the program your blood pressure will come down towards normal. This might prove too much for you, you may have to reduce your dosage of medicine or stop it completely & what could be better than that.

It depends on your age , if you are around 60 years, your face would have lots of wrinkles before or after program , it is purely because of the natural ageing process. In younger individuals because the skin elasticity is great , the possibility of any wrinkling may not arise. As the ” Cello therm ” treatment has the property of stimulating the skin your skin will become firmer and firmer.

All the oils have the same calorie valued There fore one is not more fattening than the other. However the type of oil you use has a great bearing in heart health. Groundnut oil is beneficial for health. And a combination of ground nut and sun flower or safflower or corn oil is proven to be healthier now.