E Plus Diode LaserNd Yag Laser (any type)
Utility:Permanent removal of unwanted hairTreatment of small blood vessel diseases
Technology:Advanced technology with computerized control of energy & wavelength to give best resultsLack of computerized controlling mechanism (Invented 15 yrs back, help hence poor result)
Wavelength:830 nm (destroys hair root completely) suits Indian skin.Added Radio Frequency helps in Treating White / Gray Hair and Fine Hair, The Only Laser that removes Gray Hair.1064 nm (the laser beam will reach blood vessels touching the hair follicles. Hence, more effect on blood vessels less effect on hair root. But as it touches the hair root it may remove unwanted hair temporarily)
FDA approval:Double certification from US FDA and European CE for safe & permanent removal of unwanted hairFDA certification only for safe use in human beings but not for permanent removal of unwanted hair
Side effects:No side-effects (the laser has got an advanced “chill tip” mechanism which will maintain 3 Degrees celcius temperature throughout). PAINLESS LASERDuring the treatment there might be burning sensation on skin. QUITE A PAINFUL PROCEDURE.
No. of sittings:6-8 (based on skin & hair type)10-12 (it may need more no. of sittings)
Treatment by:Treatment is given by Harvard (USA) trained medical doctors.Treatment is given by paramedical staff (as they lack expertise the results would not be accurate)
Proven Technology:Harvard university has done follow up studies on those who have taken the treatment (7 yrs back) and there were no cases of hair re-growth.No follow up studies have been done
Treatment Charges:(upperlip) – Rs.9000/- (@ Rs.1500/- per sitting for 6 sittings)Rs.20,000/- (minimum results)