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Clinic 2000 in the 28 years of operation has been treating thousands of Over weight individuals successfully .  Clinic 2000 has been treating Skin and Hair related problems successfully according to the International FDA and CE approved protocols with the latest Laser Equipments and Peels  .

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Weight Reduction Treatment in Hyderabad

Weight Reduction Treatment in Hyderabad

Weight Reduction Treatment in Hyderabad

Welcome to Clinic 2000: https://www.clinic2000.in/childhood-obesity-treatment-for-child-in-hyderabad-india/

One segment of the society that is gaining weight very rapidly these days are the children of to day. More so in the urban areas. In a recent survey conducted in all the five metros of Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata it has been noticed that two out of every five-school going children are over weight. If this trend continues in another 10 yrs the no. Of obese children is going to double. And very soon this modern day’s disease of Obesity can spread to rural India and down the line in another two decades even India could become a nation of heavy weights just like to days USA.

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